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Market Potential
Consider the Tennessee-Alabama game on the 3rd Saturday of October. Typically, 100,000 people come to the stadium while a million or more watch the game on TV - a big event where fans boast their game paraphernalia. Thus, given market exposure, it would not be an exaggeration that thousands "wipe-out shirts" could be sold the week of the game. Perhaps, it is too late to realistically produce the product for this particular game, but as an example...

This is one game of more than 100 games that day, times a 10+ game season, so in round numbers that's potentially millions of "Wipe-Out" shirts. Add basketball and other sports (high school, college, & pro) Now add the market for politics (drain the swamp), causes (wipe out cancer), and on and on. Then, there is international prospects...

Good News / Bad News
The good news is unique, innovation, and interactive "Wipe-Out Shirts" certainly have a multi-million dollar potential. More good news, these shirts are produced by a proprietary "hybrid" process different from ordinary manufacturing. Add copyrighted artwork, such as KJU-Lose Face, to manufacturing requirements of access to special inks, knowledge of applicable parameters & proprietary procedures provide protected from duplication.

The bad news is this Guy, the creator of wipe-out shirts, does not have a realistic opportunity of ever doing a small fraction of the business that's out there. However, other people have connections and resources for different segments of the market. So the job is to find the "Marketeers" who have creative vision and initiative to in share the opportunity - to earn a slice of a the big pie.

Let's be real
While I personally did advanced studies in polymer engineering at the University of Tennessee, which helps to understand the thermo-chromatic properties of this ink, practical "know how" is important now. Assistance will be available in regard to designs, requiring a knowledge of the unique characteristics and limitations of the ink & production capability. Manufacturing may be contracted or licensed. The results are a matter of marketing.

This opportunity will not go on forever, but right now "interactive wipe-outs" can be the world's most unique T-shirts. If you are the guy who knows a guy, or if you are the guy who can get it done, this may be worth a fortune.

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