How to get a CUSTOM built WIPE-OUT SHIRT

Submit your idea.

Submit by mail a detailed description of an idea and contact information along with an initial "Submission Fee" of $40. There will be no further expenses until an agreement is reached.
We propose a design.

A business proposal including preliminary art and estimated costs will returned by email for review. Several cycles of adjustment may be necessary to fully develop the design.

Hybrid Process:

Specially prepared inks change from red,blue, black, green, etc. to a milky white color as they warm to a precise temperature. On a white garment the images seem to disappear - hence the "wipe-out" property. Therefore, all "Wipe-Out Shirts" are printed on white cotton.

The is only a limited number of colors available for the disappearing image. However, their are hundreds of colors possible for the remaining images.

The manufacturing process is unusual and proprietary. Some designs are a hybrid combination of DTG, silk-screening and water base technology. The proximity of images, registration and colors are important issues that must be consider in making a successful design.

Design Considerations:

Many variable factor into a "wipe-out" design. This includes choices about the general character such as simple or sophisticated, mature or playful, basic lettering & shapes or photo type images, and so on. The designer's special knowledge is required to know what can be done and importantly what can not, for usual T-shirt design and processing does not apply to these interactive designs.

May designs be created and shirts produced that do not have an interactive image? Yes, but our primary focus is on interactive designs.


A small submission fee is charged to eliminate frivolous inquires, and it supports our humanitarian efforts ( If an additional design charge is deemed necessary, it will be approved by the client in advance.

Again, many factors contribute to the cost of the product. A reasonable design costs might be necessarily added for more complex designs. Orders for less than 5 dozens shirts are not generally practical from a cost stand point. Volume discounts start with orders of a minimum of 100 shirts. Typical price will range close to $20+.

Small quantity orders are possible with a substantial increase in price. Wholesale and non-profit (proof required) discounts are on a case by case basis. International orders will require special authorization. These considerations will be part of the written business proposal.

Starting Design Process
See Helpful Outline

Submit your initial design idea with $40 to:
(design & fiduciary responsibility)
POB 811, Rockwood, TN 37854
include email address & phone
for alternative arrangements